Advocate, Neighbor, Friend

Advocate, Neighbor, Friend

Hello friends.

I’m not one to go on counter-attack, but I’ve been told my opponent wants to make an example of my experience. So I’d like to talk about that for a moment.

While it is true that I have not been a Brevard County resident for long, I moved here to be close to my family — both my sisters have lived here for years — I have come to love everything about the area and my fellow Brevardians, locals and newcomers alike.

In my time here, I’ve come to know and love many of the parents and their children in the school district.

I made my career in the public school systems of Peyton and Colorado Springs, Colorado as a social worker. I’ve worked directly with parents and children to solve a variety of challenging issues and problems; from behavioral to emotional; home life to special needs. I’ve worked in the private sector and have experience negotiating contracts, managing major projects with extensive budgetary issues and supervising staff.

It is true, I don’t have extensive experience in the politics of Brevard County. But I believe it is that fact and that I bring such a wide scope of experience, not to mention my longtime advocacy for public education in America, that makes me uniquely qualified to serve our county’s school district and put our students’ needs first.

Come meet me at an event. Talk to me. Ask me the questions you care about and find out for yourself. I believe all children have the right to access quality education.

Cheryl McDougall, a retired school social worker, is running for District 2 representative. From her work as a psychiatric nurse to school social worker to a 10-year leadership role in a managed medical health organization, Cheryl has dedicated her career to helping others and brings a wealth of hands-on and negotiation skills to this demanding role. Campaigning on three tenets: Increasing Teacher Salaries; Integrating Social Emotional Learning into existing school learning requirements; and Developing an Inclusive Community Advisory Board – comprised of school faculty, administration, parents, business owners and students – to help celebrate district successes and identify and address district needs, Ms. McDougall has been endorsed by the Brevard Federation of Teachers, Space Coast Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, The Florida Puerto Rican /Hispanic Minority Empowerment Committee and the Space Coast Progressive Alliance. For more information, email her directly at

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